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New approach for highly efficient economic and energetic commercial buildings: CONCREWALL panels use

Partners: PB Panel Construct
Results: Business plan – building apartments with increased thermal efficiency in Bucharest, using the new material Concrewall, from PB Panel Construct.

Today, when the entire world is focused to the energy economy and consequently to treat the production more ecologically, Pro Science succeeds to identify a new (in Romania) construction material that accomplishes all these needs. Our company philosophy is oriented to a sustainable production among others and the Concrewall system fits very well in it. We have been able to obtain the rights to represent the producer and to sell its products in Bucharest. In addition, we made a business plan for the future construction of a apartments building using the specified material.

The Concrewall System

The CONCREWALL system has been used for over 25 years in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, etc. This system is quite new in Romania, being produced here for the first time by the PB Panel Construct factory, an investment of over 3 million Euros, built in august 2006. The system is formed by 3 types of 1.2 meters in width and up to 6 meters in height panels, depending on the project. The panels are made of polyurethane of different densities and thick reinforced with nets of galvanized iron on all sides. The panels are used to create walls, roofs, floors, stairs, etc, replacing the classic construction that uses bricks. After being filled with cement, the resulting walls don’t need additional reinforcements, these representing the resistance structure of the building. Its lifetime is over 50 years, practically, the construction ends up being made of reinforced cement.
Also, these panels are better thermal and phonic insulator, fire, earthquake and hurricane resistant, according with The Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, Texas Tech University, Lubbock - Texas, USA. A CONCREWALL of 30 cm wide isolates as good as a 1 meter wide classically built wall. This is why this type of construction is 50% cheaper in the warming or cooling of the house or building.
It is calculated that the old buildings of Romania use 2 or even 3 times more thermal energy than the more developed countries of west Europe, mainly because of the inefficient insulation. The construction is also 20 to 30% cheaper than the traditional system, especially because of the shorter execution time and the usage of less laboring hand. The buildings can be up to 20 stories high (Cairo Hilton Hotel) without any need for additional resistance structure.

In the actual context, when the price of the thermal energy rises day by day, the CONCREWALL construction system we offer is the most appropriate for the project.


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